Food Truck Menu

The famous Austin Halal food truck may be a small venue,; however we offer a menu with large variety of plates and wraps selections, all with succulent flavors from the authentic Mediterranean cuisine. Austin Halal meals are prepared daily with fresh produce and ingredients from local establishments.

Thank you for allowing us to be your next dining experience! Come see us at 1606 E 6th Street or let us cater your next event.

    • Platters

    • Chicken Shawarma Plate

      Chicken Shawarma Plate


      Chicken with pickles, housemade garlic sauce, with a side of mixed pickles and fries.

    • Beef Kafta Over Rice Plate

      Beef Kafta Over Rice Plate


      All Natural ground beef mixed with parsley and hummus. Served with salad, fries and a pita.

    • Chicken Over Rice Plate

      Chicken Over Rice Plate


      All natural Mediterranean marinated chicken served over rice with hummus. Served with a house salad.

    • Falafel Plate

      Falafel Plate


      5 homemade fried ball patties made from grounded chickpeas with hummus. Served with salad, fries and a pita.

    • Dolma Plate

      Dolma Plate


      5 grape leaves stuffed with rice with a side of hummus, a house salad and a pita.

    • Salads & Sides

    • Mediterranean Salad

      Mediterranean Salad


      Lettuce with tomatoes, cucumbers, pickled turnips, parsley, olive oil, and lemon juice.

    • Fattoush Salad

      Fattoush Salad

      Meat - $2.99

      Lettuce mixed with tomatoes, cucumbers, and pieces of toasted pita. Add meat for only $2.99.

    • Greek Salad

      Greek Salad

      Meat - $2.99

      Tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, black olives, lettuce, crumbled feta cheese with Balsamic dressing. Add meat for only $2.99.

    • Labneh



      Served with pita bread. Mediterranean creame yogurt.

    • Hummus and Pita

      Hummus and Pita


      Austin Halal's exclusive hummus prepared the same way for over 3 generations using a secret family recipe.

    • French fries

      French fries


      Try Austin Halal's famous fries. A great addition to ay dish or share amongst friends.

    • Baba Ghanoush

      Baba Ghanoush


      Roasted mashed eggplant dip. Served with pita bread.

    • Falafel



      Order by the piece.

    • Dolma



      Stuffed grape leaves. Order by the piece.

    • Dessert

    • Um Ali

      Um Ali


      Egyptian dessert with phyllo dough, milk, and pistachios.

    • Baklava with walnuts

      Baklava with walnuts


      Light and crispy pastry with center of walnuts.

    • Drinks

    • Vimeo


      A delicious blend of black currant and raspberry makes this "Vim Tonic" a sweet refreshing treat.

    • Water


      Bottled water

    • Soda


      Assortment of Diet and Regular sodas to choose from.